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it’s literally canon that steve was jogging around the national mall for a few weeks and kept seeing this super cute runner all the time and then cap 2 opens on the day he finally got up his courage and picked out his tightest under armor shirt and just went for it

So far today I have:

Scheduled my internet disconnection.

Made an event for my going away party.

Ordered a Valkyries t-shirt to take with me.

Put out feelers for a group outing to the state fair next week.

And I’m about to go introduce Sofia to the dog that lives in her future foster home. Which is happysad. They’re good pet-parents but I’m gonna miss my dummy.

We just moved my Gramma out of the tiny Oklahoma town where my Dad finished out high school, and it reminded me of this story:

When he was a teenager, Dad used to go up to the midwest to work the wheat harvest every year. One summer, he goes up to work the harvest, and when he came home his family had moved. They had been talking about buying a house in town before he left, and I guess between the last time they’d spoken and the time he got back they’d up and moved house. Dad had to walk over to his best friend’s house, knock on the door and ask “do you know where my parents moved to?”

What’s even funnier is that they moved into a 2-bedroom place, and since my aunt was at home when they moved, she got the second bedroom. Dad had to sleep on the couch until they converted the garage into a bedroom.